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Why Choose B-Air USA?


We at B-Air USA take great pride in our products and installation services. We are confident in providing the best quality ductless air conditioning systems in the industry. It is our guarantee that you will be satisfied when you choose to purchase a ductless AC unit from B-Air USA! Here are few reasons as to why you should choose us when purchasing your next Ductless Mini Split AC System.

The 6 Benefits of B-Air USA Ductless Units


  1. icon-globe-01Saves Energy!

High Efficiency Systems, with Inverter Technology that stabilizes energy consumption and comfort levels. Always the right temperature when you want it. Eco-friendly refrigerant protects our planet.

  1. A Quiet Operation System.icon-bubble-01

Inverter Technology and Vertical Fan blades are extremely quiet and help cool the compressor more efficiently, making it run at optimum levels. Translation = Lower Energy Costs!

  1. Temperature Control through your Smartphone.icon-phone-01

With our NEW feature you can have the convenience of comfort in the power of your hand. Our B Air App supplies you with full control of your Mini Split system from anywhere in the world. Just in case you forget to turn it on for your pets!

  1. Clean & Fresh Air Supply.

icon-leaves-01Our Blue Fin technology creates a barrier that eliminates any accumulation of air borne pathogens. Having no ducts means the air in your space will be much cleaner, no dust mites or dirty air ducts to deal with!

  1. icon-ductless-01No Ducts? No Problem.

The advantages of our Ductless Mini Split systems are numerous. The main one is that you don’t need air ducts! They can be installed in virtually any room with an exterior wall.

  1. Comfort All Year Long.icon-thermostat-01

All our products have both Heating and Cooling to keep you comfortable all year-round. Just use your remote-controlled thermostat to set the temperature you need.