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If you are not an Authorized B Air Installer and have been called out to a B Air system but don’t recognize the ERROR CODE. Please choose 1 of the options below.

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Getting an Error Code. SEER 19 Inverter 2018

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Getting an Error Code. SEER 21 Inverter Systerms 2018-2019

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Frequently Asked Questions


My Remote is not displaying anything?

The batteries are usually the culprit. Make sure you replace the batteries every 6-8 months.

Can the Air Vents move automatically?

YES! Your remote will have a function that says “Swing”. Press this button and the air blades will move in 1 step increments or if you keep pressing the button, it will move automatically UP and DOWN only. Not side to side.

There is an ERROR CODE displayed what is it?

If there is an error code displayed on the air handler (indoor unit). Please contact your installing contractor for a diagnostic visit. The sales dept won’t be able to help. Or you can download the codes above.

How Often do I clean the filters?

Every home or space is different but we suggest you at LEAST check the filters once every 30-45 days. If you have carpet or pets you can do so more often.

Will the "Automatic" button change from cooling to heating automatically?

We suggest you use the “COOL” function or “HEAT” function buttons depending on the weather.

My system is not coming ON after it rained or Electrical Short?

Many times this can be resolved by checking the breaker at the Main electrical panel. Simply turn it ON and OFF so that is is reset.

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