1 ton 12,000 Btus 115 volt Green Line ductless mini split hvac

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NEW! Standard Efficiency Green Line 1 ton 12,000 Btu 115v Ductless mini split. Supplies are Limited!

  • <15 SEER
  • 115v single phase
  • Super easy to install almost anywhere
  • Room size 150-400 square feet
  • Cooling & Heating
  • Remote Controled
  • Quiet Operation
  • White face, grey detail
  • C’ temperature LED Display

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Green Line ductless mini split hvac 1 ton 12K btu 115v

Standard Efficiency Value Green LineĀ 12K btu 115v

  • Room size 150-400 square feet
  • Cooling & Heating
  • 115v single phase electrical connection
  • R410a refrigerant
  • Remote Control operated
  • Quiet Operation
  • White face, grey detail
  • Heat Pump
  • Wall Mount
  • C’ temperature LED Display
  • Electrical Connection is additional $499 upto 50 feet
  • Lineset Cover and Extra Lineset is additional $12 x foot
  • Pad is Additional $65

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Dimensions 32 × 8 × 12 in

14 reviews for 1 ton 12,000 Btus 115 volt Green Line ductless mini split hvac

  1. Patrick-North Park, San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    Don’t make the mistake I made in buying a ductless ac on Amazon and then having it shipped. No contractor would install it for me and the pricing I got “IF” they decided to it…made it pretty clear they didn’t want to do it. They gave me excuses and said they “couldn’t honor the warranty” and that “some systems were hard to install”…B.S! I ended up sending it back. Got a door hanger from B Air and called. They walked me through my online purchase WITH INSTALLATION! I paid just slightly more installed than what I had paid on Amazon. These guys have it down. Really recommend them.

  2. Mark- Pacific Beach, CA (verified owner)

    Can you please let the supervisor know what a great team came out to my house here in Pacific Beach, Ca. Their were 2 of them and they really took the time to explain what was going to happen. I have to tell you, I watched the video online here and what is on it is exactly what happened. It was a very clean installation of my system. I bought this one on sale and I may need another one! Great job boys.

  3. Diana-North Park, San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    I LOVED THIS PRODUCT! THE SYSTEM IS VERY VERY QUIET WHICH I LOVE. I was worried about the neighbors in my Condo complex. Now my 2 chihuahuas won’t have to suffer the hot days in San Diego. Recommend to all PET OWNERS!

  4. Robert – Pacific Beach, CA (verified owner)

    I bought this online. Scheduled the following day for installation. I really like it is heating and cooling. Price was very reasonable. They told me it would be quiet and I agree. Overall good experience.

  5. Angela – Mission Hills Area, San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    I called B Air from a door hanger that I had on my door. Just as a local contractor had left. It was a sign. The other estimates I had were almost $8,K +! I couldn’t believe it. I only needed 2 systems for my master bedroom and my grandkids room when they come visit me. I loved the price, the product works great and they were very clean. I live in Missions Hills area.

  6. Victor – Imperial, CA (verified owner)

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Most of the quotes I got were $4K + for just a single bedroom. I saw this on Facebook and I purchased online. Immediately I got a call to schedule installation. The guys came out and installed in a day and I had what I wanted. I did have to pay extra for the piping covers because I didn’t see that it is a separate accessory, but overall a great experience. Much simpler than what I thought. These guys are legit.

  7. Carmen – Spring Valley, CA (verified owner)

    Me llego un flyer en mi puerta y me gusto el precio. Hable y me atendieron en espanol bien. Me explicaron todo. Al principio como que no confiaba pero todo fue muy facil. Llegaron 2 muchachos a instalarmela y todo salio muy bien. Muy limpios.

  8. Gary-San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    Good buy. Recommend this product. Nice looking.

  9. Chris – San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    Practically blends in with my walls. I liked the price. I had other quotes and they were much much much more expensive. This is factory direct so I got a great deal. Just a word of advice…make sure you register for the warranty. The installer said it was the only way to ensure your warranty year after year with a tune up. Not a bad deal.

  10. Anderson – Spring Valley, CA (verified owner)

    I only wanted the air conditioning part. They told me it came with heating also, but I didn’t really want it. I hope I’m not paying for that when I’m not going to use it.

  11. Greg-Hillcrest, San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    Great product. The install happened when they said it would. The installers got here a little late in the day but they had everything up and running by the time it got dark. I would say this is a great buy for anyone looking to have a bit more comfort without a central system for the whole house. I’m very satisfied with the work.

  12. Doug-Chula Vista, CA (verified owner)

    I needed an ac like this in my house. My kids room faces south and it gets really hot and humid in there but the pricing from Anderson and ASI was ridiculous. I bought this and had it installed for 1/4 of the price. Don’t waste your time with lousy appointments from other contractors. They never tell you the price until they’ve wasted an hour or more. Learn from these guys here. Pricing is on the first page!

  13. Marjorie-North Park, San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    I haven’t had ac but these last few summers have been unbearable. I just had mine installed and am very excited to have ac finally. I’ve already turned on the heat at night and shut my door. Don’t need to turn on the old furnace in the hallway. Recommend this product.

  14. Avelino – La Mesa, CA (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for. The contractors I called where more than 2x the price. This was just the product I was looking for. They even installed it for me. I put one on second floor master bedroom and one right underneath on another bedroom. Installation was clean. Thank you

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