Ductless Mini Split HVAC

A new way to get comfortable.

I am extremely happy with B Air. I had a home office that I needed to keep cool and comfortable. My partner spends a lot of time there but it was like a sauna before. Really enjoy the comfort. Installation went well and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks you guys.

Kevin K.

Realtor, San Diego Kennsington Area

Ductless Systems are a good Green choice for Energy Saving measures. California is leading the nation in using energy efficient products that lower energy bills and our reliance on fossil fuels to keep the lights on. Thank you B Air for being a smart GREEN company.

Arnold S.


I have to tell you at first I was suspect of these type of systems because I was putting it in right next to my TV room, BUT “no way Jose”, these systems are super quiet and I am really happy I don’t have to turn the volume down every time it comes on! I really recommend B Air ductless mini split air conditioners. Great Choice!


Professor, Southwestern College


If you don’t know the capacity of the Ductless Air conditioning system you need. Answer a few simple questions and we’ll select the best option for your space.


Our Tool will help guide you to the suggested product Size

Enter zip code to confirm if installation service is available in your area with purchase

Or Select the Size of your Space Below

Room 301-450 sqft

1 ton (12,000 Btus)

Room: 400-650 sqft

1.5 ton (18,000 Btus)

Room: 651-900 sqft

2 ton (24,000 Btus)

100% Financing

If your a CA licensed Contractor working with HERO and YGrene Pace Financing programs, you can purchase your B Air Ductless system and have installation included 100% financed for your customers or for yourself as a homeowner. Our Inverter line qualifies for this County and Private funding program.  Ask us if you’d like to know more.

Larger Family Room

This size is good for a room of up to 950 square feet. Install Included.

Smaller Bedroom

  Perfect for smaller rooms from 100-420 sq ft    

Ideal Spaces:

  • Room additions
  • Nursery Rooms
  • Studios
  • Home Office
  • Living Areas
  • TV Rooms
  • Game Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Gaming Rooms
  • Bar Lounge Areas
  • Yoga Rooms
  • Exercise Room/Gym
  • Kids Playroom
  • Garage Enclosures
  • Sun Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Employee Lounges
  • Break Rooms
  • Study Rooms
  • Victorian Homes
  • Homes with lots of Character
  • Craftsman Style Homes
  • Modern Homes
  • Virtually any space!
  • Instant Zoning of AC/Heat
  • Home Theatre
  • Master Bedrooms
  • Guest Bedrooms
  • Granny Flats
  • Extra Bedrooms
  • Retail Areas
  • Salons & Spa

See What Happens After Online Purchase

Once you have made your selection you will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a convenient time for the nstallation of your new Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner wall mount type by our friendly Installation Coordinators. It really is that SIMPLE!

How do I know what Mini Split Size System to Buy?
Choosing the right type of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner wall mount type system can sometimes seem like you need a Mechanical Engineering degree to figure out what will make your space feel comfortable. B Air has developed this simple Selection Tool to help you select the right size unit for your particular individual needs.
Is Ductless the Right Choice for Me?
Choosing whether or not a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System is right for you is simple. Below are some examples of when it is the best choice: 1. I don’t have air ducts and want year round comfort. 2. I added on to my home or office and need to cool/heat that particular space. 3. Ductwork cannot be installed in my home. 4. I spend most of my time in certain areas BUT don’t want to cool/heat the entire house/office. 5. I have a Man-cave, hobby room, Studio Apt, Condo, Lobby, Small Business, Home Office, Garage that I want to Cool/Heat.
What if I have High Ceilings?
If your home or office space has high ceilings. Multiply the approx square footage of your space length x width and then add 50% more to that when using the Selection Tool above. Your installation crew will advise you if the size you choose is not sufficient for your space and the difference in price will be collected.
Is Installation Included?
YES!. We are the only manufacturer with Factory Direct pricing to you the end Customer and the only ones that will Professionally Install your new Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner wall mount type system in install it in San Diego, California.  Basic Installation is included in the price. Any additional lengths can be discussed the day of installation. It’s that EASY!

Energy Saving

High Efficiency Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner wall mount type Systems, with Inverter Technology stabalizes energy consumption and comfort levels. Always the right temperature when you want it. Environmentally friendly refrigerant protects our planet.


Quiet Operation

Inverter Technology and Vertical Fan blades are extremely quiet and help cool the compressor more efficiently making it run at optimum levels. Translation = Lower Energy Costs!

No Ducts? No Problem!

The advantages of our Ductless mini split systems are numerous. The main one is that you don’t need air ducts! They can be installed in virtually any room with an exterior wall.

Comfort All Year Round

All our products have both Heating and Cooling to keep you comfortable all year round. Just use your remote controlled thermostat to set the temperature you need on your Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner wall mount type.

Become a Dealer in Your Area

Become an Exclusive Dealer in Your Area by contacting us. We only work with the best companies in the Region. Contact us to purchase Wholesale. or Get your Designation as a Certified Ductless Installer and join our network of Installers.

A NEW WAY TO GET COMFORTABLE® For more than 66 years, B Air Ductless Air Conditioning Systems has innovated technologies designed to enhance your home and your life. Traditional cooling and heating options drove homeowners to choose between comfort and cost. Our advanced Ductless Mini Split InverterTech Solutions™ empower you to create your own personalized room-by-room comfort – without compromise or expensive ductwork.

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